Tick Tock on the clock

la sveglia biologica dell’orrore

1963/10/9, 10:39 p.m.
A landslide from Monte Toc (the name in the local dialect means “rotten”) causes the overtopping of the Vajont Dam, one of the tallest dams in the world with its 262 metres. The wave destroys the villages of Piave valley below, with about two thousand deaths.
The disaster was caused by human arrogance; we cannot forget it.
The village of Longarone has been rebuilt in the ’80s with an anonymous eighty architectural style, quite away from the meaning of the place; the houses have now any kind of dialogue with the territory in which they are located. I also don’t beleave that the entire place should have been replaced by a living sacracy in memory of the disaster, but at the same time I think that architecture should had been used to remember and help local people to continue to live in Longarone; however, after the disaster a big amount of population leaved the mountains. Preserving the memory and the meaning of the place had become almost impossible, but anyway the memorial church still stays there and looks at the dam.


See also https://dieblumenkohlrezepte.wordpress.com/passages/thema-1-uber-die-berge/


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