sketch apocalittici

different posters related to China, a modest tribute to its fascinating and controversial reality

1. Right and Might, or the unbalanced relationship among those who should defend the right and those who really wield power.

2. Learning from Jilin Model, a critique on the inability of central power to properly manage and recognize local forces. As the Chongqing Model has been strongly criticized and hidden in 2012, the model from Jilin Province has returned to limelight with the “revitalize the Northeast” campaign. Jilin is rich in oil and gas resources; it lies on the borders with Russia and North Korea, and its name derives from the Manchu phrase “along the river”. It so happens that the same person that launched the campaign in Jilin (from 2006 onwards) was the same person who launched the modernization of Chongqing city. Power and Unbalance go hand in hand, and often only lead to ruin.

3. Satirical poster concerning with the cover of a propaganda magazine from 1920s.

4. Feibang zhi mu, or a public wooden plaque used by people to write admonitions and critiques.

5. Congren, term used in ancient times to designate people belonging to ethnic minorities and living within the ancient Chinese/Han borders, forced to pay a tribute to the Han people just because of their ethnic origin.

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