Baustelle~Work in Progress


Today 30.08.2014,  I write this post to make known that from September on there will be some delays in publication, or even no more communication on my part in this blog, because of some events connected with my university and work life. I am going to leave Europe for a considerable number of months, to move to a place in which it is not clear yet, what kind of internet connection and technical means I will have. For this reason I shall not be able to update my photo galleries anymore, or at least until I will have a stable connection.

I would like to thank you for having followed me up to this point; I hope this is only a “Arrivederci! and see you soon!”. This new experience that I am going to live, will be in any case a turning point in my life. Hope to come back full of beautiful moments and images to share with you all.

So, this is  – hopefully not –  the end.




vaso rituale_4


ritual vessel. Cq, 2011



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