Chongqingren rise up again

Chongqing Beibei / 01.04.2015 / ©MBonato

Yesterday afternoon a group of people gathered together in the central district of Chongqing, Yuzhong District, to protest against the increase in prices for medical treatment decided recently by the local government. In particular, the protesters claimed that the estimated increase of 20% in prices for dialysis treatments in patients affected by uremia is unfair and will accelerate the progress of the desease and lead finally to a premature and painful death for all those patients that will not be able to pay the fees.

The restricted and peaceful group of people has rallied near the roundabout of Shangqingsi, north-western part of the central district, and tried to move on then to the Dalitang Palace; the march has been eventually blocked by police.

The demonstrators were mostly sick people, elderly, and their families. The price review consists of a 20% reduction of the fees for medical tests and analysis, and a 13% up to 30% increase for what concerns ER, nursery, treatments, and surgery operations. The average monthly wage is calculated around ten thousand yuan, while the previous medical fees for dialysis treatment were around three thousand yuan.

Some “apolitical” slogans have been laid on the street, such as

We want to live, we want to save our lives

A serious illness like being affected by uremia should lead [directly] to crematory ?

Firmly fight against the increase in prices for dialysis



Photo Credits: @Isaac Deng on Facebook, Chongqing group


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