Street Art & Dismantling of a Project_II

The Huangjueping Graffiti Street is located in the southern district of Jiulongpo, Chongqing city proper. It is considered to be the largest Chinese graffiti art region, and perhaps also the longest in the world (it covers a territory of about 50.000 m²) but, despite its primacy and importance, it is clear that the place has recently lost its luster: only a few tourists visiting Chongqing are informed about the existance of this area, and while I went there to make a report, I found out that the famous 501 Art Warehouse and Organhaus Art Space [an old industrial complex converted to cultural center, as it’s “big brother” in Beijing, the 798] is lying in very poor conditions. Inside the three floor building no atelier was opened, and posters of old cultural events on the wall were there to remind the previous golden age.

Funding cuts?

The place, as stated on a sign at the entrance of the building, is “private”; the cultural activities within it seem to have slowed down considerably since mid-2013.

The pictures here have been partly taken in the Park of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.


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